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The secret behind Japanese food and their pursuit of perfection.

I remember the words my father once said after his first trip to Japan:“Once you have eaten a steak in one of the fine restaurants in Tokyo, you will have to try hard finding meat of a similar quality in other regions in the world“. I could not believe it back then but after having lived there myself I realized that this actually applies to most of Japans food. But what makes Japanese food so special?To explain this I actually have to expand the scope slightly. Japanese people really identify themselves with their work, which makes themstrive for perfection. It is deeply anchored in the Japanese culture to improve and perfect what they already have. This also applies tolocal farmers, who often have small farms enabling them to control each product rather than limiting quality due to extensive massproduction. Yes, this means that the products are more expensive, but the Japanese people are willing to spend that extra moneyunderstanding the quality they get. Also the government supports local farmers by adding extra tax to imported goods. This box gives asmall overview of the quality of Japanese food. I recommend everybody to do a trip to Japan to understand what my father and I have experienced.


Enjoy! Your Foodbox Team member Mirko.




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