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„ZUZELN“  -   how to eat a White Sausage

Since the “White Sausage” (“Weisswurst”) is not to be missed at any Munich festivity it meanwhile is well known beyond the boundaries of Bavaria and even beyond the boundaries of Germany. In order to enjoy the Bavarian speciality like a real professional quite a bit has to be observed: A “Real White Sausage Consuming Professional” always will eat an uneven number of White Sausages. Whoever in a restaurant is ordering a single sausage only is taking the risk of being expelled from Bavaria with immediate effect. There is no need to specifically order a sweet White Sausage mustard, it just belongs to it without mentioning it. The most well known and loved side dish are fresh pretzels (“Brezn”). In great contrast, sauerkraut as side or ketchup as replacement are considered to be barbaric and outrageous! Also any other mustard other than the sweet white sausage mustard is an absolute no go! With the White Sausages goes a fresh White Beer. White Sausages are consumed warm but they are not to be boiled! 


A real Bavarian must not be taught how the White Sausage is to be eaten correctly. It is to be “gezuzelt”.

1. Take the White Sausage in your hand. Then the sausage has to be cut crosswise at the upper end with a sharp knife.

2. Dip the White Sausage into sweet mustard.

3. Now it is to be taken into the mouth but not to be bitten off, only to be bitten into very carefully until the sausage meat (“Braet”) is coming off internally from the skin. Now the sausage meat is to sucked out of the skin with mouth and teeth.

Have fun trying:-)

Enjoy! Your Foodbox Team member Dana.


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